Class CdiInfrastructure

  • public class CdiInfrastructure
    extends WeldBaseTest
    Test cases for cdi infrastructure. Checking Arquillian works fine and it is possible to inject beans.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CdiInfrastructure

        public CdiInfrastructure()
    • Method Detail

      • beansAreInjected

        public void beansAreInjected()
        beans are correctly injected
      • start

        public void start()
        starts application and session scopes
      • applicationAndSessionShouldBeKept

        public void applicationAndSessionShouldBeKept()
        application and session scopes are preserved but not request scope
      • expectedBeanInstancesAreInjected

        public void expectedBeanInstancesAreInjected()
        get any instance of a particular bean type
      • expectedBeanInstancesAreInjectedWithWeldUtils

        public void expectedBeanInstancesAreInjectedWithWeldUtils()
        get any instance of a particular bean type (using WeldUtils)