Class OBPropertiesProvider

  • public class OBPropertiesProvider
    extends Object
    This class implements a central location where the are read and made available for the rest of the application.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OBPropertiesProvider

        public OBPropertiesProvider()
    • Method Detail

      • getOpenbravoProperties

        public Properties getOpenbravoProperties()
      • getFormatXMLDocument

        public org.dom4j.Document getFormatXMLDocument()
      • setFormatXML

        public void setFormatXML​(InputStream is)
      • setProperties

        public void setProperties​(InputStream is)
      • setProperties

        public void setProperties​(Properties props)
      • setProperties

        public void setProperties​(String fileLocation)
      • getBooleanProperty

        public boolean getBooleanProperty​(String key)
        Looks for a boolean property key and return true in case its value is true or yes and false other case.