Class ConfigParameters

    • Field Detail

      • strBaseDesignPath

        public final String strBaseDesignPath
      • strDefaultDesignPath

        public final String strDefaultDesignPath
      • strLocalReplaceWith

        public final String strLocalReplaceWith
      • strBBDD

        public final String strBBDD
      • strVersion

        public final String strVersion
      • strParentVersion

        public final String strParentVersion
      • prefix

        public String prefix
      • strContext

        public final String strContext
      • strSystemLanguage

        public final String strSystemLanguage
      • strDefaultServlet

        public final String strDefaultServlet
      • strReplaceWhat

        public final String strReplaceWhat
      • strTextDividedByZero

        public final String strTextDividedByZero
      • loginServlet

        public final String loginServlet
      • strServletSinIdentificar

        public final String strServletSinIdentificar
      • strFTPDirectory

        public final String strFTPDirectory
      • periodicBackgroundTime

        public final Long periodicBackgroundTime
      • strLogFileAcctServer

        public final String strLogFileAcctServer
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigParameters

        public ConfigParameters​(javax.servlet.ServletContext context)
    • Method Detail

      • retrieveFrom

        public static ConfigParameters retrieveFrom​(javax.servlet.ServletContext context)
      • storeIn

        public void storeIn​(javax.servlet.ServletContext context)
      • getPoolFilePath

        public String getPoolFilePath()
      • getBaseDesignPath

        public String getBaseDesignPath()
      • getXmlEngineFileFormatPath

        public String getXmlEngineFileFormatPath()
      • getOpenbravoPropertiesPath

        public String getOpenbravoPropertiesPath()
      • getFormatPath

        public String getFormatPath()
      • havePeriodicBackgroundTime

        public boolean havePeriodicBackgroundTime()
      • getPeriodicBackgroundTime

        public long getPeriodicBackgroundTime()
      • haveLogFileAcctServer

        public boolean haveLogFileAcctServer()
      • getOBProperty

        public String getOBProperty​(String skey)
      • getOBProperties

        public Properties getOBProperties()
      • loadOBProperties

        public Properties loadOBProperties()
      • overrideProperties

        public static void overrideProperties​(Properties obProperties,
                                              String path)

        Looks for file to override some of the properties in the This is intended to be used in Tomcat cluster environments sharing same context directory to allow to define specific values for some properties in different machines.

        The file with overridden properties is selected based on the first fulfilled rule of these:

        • If properties.path JVM property is defined, it indicates the absolute path to take the file from.
        • If JVM property is defined, this value will be used as prefix to look for a file in config directory named
        • Other case, prefix is defined by InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName(). The actual name for hostName can be determined by ant
      • getMachineName

        public static String getMachineName()
      • getJavaDateTimeFormat

        public String getJavaDateTimeFormat()
      • getSqlDateTimeFormat

        public String getSqlDateTimeFormat()