Class SelectorComponent

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    public class SelectorComponent
    extends BaseTemplateComponent
    Generates the javascript for a selector using parameters passed in as part of the request. This class has convenience methods to facilitate the template.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SelectorComponent

        public SelectorComponent()
    • Method Detail

      • getAdditionalProperties

        public static String getAdditionalProperties​(Selector selector,
                                                     boolean onlyDisplayField)
      • isSelectorItem

        public boolean isSelectorItem()
      • getDefaultPopupFilterField

        public String getDefaultPopupFilterField()
        Computes the field in the popup which can receive the value entered by the user in the suggestion box, to set the first default filter.
        the field in the popup to set.
      • getSelector

        public Selector getSelector()
      • getColumnName

        public String getColumnName()
      • getComboReload

        public String getComboReload()
      • getDisabled

        public String getDisabled()
      • getTargetPropertyName

        public String getTargetPropertyName()
      • getValueField

        public String getValueField()
      • getDisplayField

        public String getDisplayField()
      • getSortByField

        public String getSortByField()
        Determines the field that will be used by the data sources to sort the fetched records. If there is no sort field defined for the selector, then the record are sorted by the values of the display field by default.
        the name of the field used to sort the selector records
      • getProcessDefinition

        public String getProcessDefinition()
      • getRequired

        public String getRequired()
      • getCallOut

        public String getCallOut()
      • getShowSelectorGrid

        public String getShowSelectorGrid()
        true if there is at least one active field shown in grid
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • getDataSourceJavascript

        public String getDataSourceJavascript()
      • getNumCols

        public String getNumCols()
      • getExtraSearchFields

        public String getExtraSearchFields()
      • getOutHiddenInputPrefix

        public String getOutHiddenInputPrefix()