Class ImportEntryBuilderTest

  • public class ImportEntryBuilderTest
    extends WeldBaseTest
    Test the ImportEntryBuilder under various scenarios
    • Constructor Detail

      • ImportEntryBuilderTest

        public ImportEntryBuilderTest()
    • Method Detail

      • createImportEntries

        public static void createImportEntries()
        Create two sample import entries. One for ImportEntry table and the other for ImportEntryArchive Those entries will be removed in @AfterClass
      • whenNoIdIsProvidedANewEntryIsCreated

        public void whenNoIdIsProvidedANewEntryIsCreated()
        Check that the new import entry returned contains the inserted data
      • whenGivenIdExistsImportEntryBuilderThrowsException

        public void whenGivenIdExistsImportEntryBuilderThrowsException()
        Before creating an ImportEntry, if ID is provided, builder will check whether this entry exists in ImportEntry table
      • whenGivenIdExistsAsArchivedImportEntryBuilderThrowsException

        public void whenGivenIdExistsAsArchivedImportEntryBuilderThrowsException()
        Before creating an ImportEntry, if ID is provided, builder will check whether this entry exists in ImportEntryArchive table
      • customPropertiesCanBeInserted

        public void customPropertiesCanBeInserted()
        Any field can be filled using .setProperty method. Test that active field can be set using this method
      • whenCustomPropertyToInsertDoesNotExistImportEntryCreationFails

        public void whenCustomPropertyToInsertDoesNotExistImportEntryCreationFails()
        Check that the builder throws an exception when attempting to set a non existing field in setProperties
      • whenNoParametersAreSetImportEntryIsCreatedWithDefaultValues

        public void whenNoParametersAreSetImportEntryIsCreatedWithDefaultValues()
        Test that default values are set to the ImportEntry
      • whenParametersAreSetImportEntryIsCreatedUsingThoseValues

        public void whenParametersAreSetImportEntryIsCreatedUsingThoseValues()
        Test that defined parameters are actually in the created object
      • removeImportEntryWhenCreated

        public void removeImportEntryWhenCreated()
      • disposeImportEntries

        public static void disposeImportEntries()