Class ImportEntryBuilder

  • public class ImportEntryBuilder
    extends Object
    Builder class used to easily create a new ImportEntry instance
    • Method Detail

      • newInstance

        public static ImportEntryBuilder newInstance​(String typeOfData,
                                                     String jsonData)
        Create a new instance of the Builder to create a new ImportEntry. Both the typeOfData and jsonData values are mandatory.
        typeOfData - Type of data. It must be a valid list reference value within the reference: 'Type of Import Data'
        jsonData - String representation of a JSONObject with the content to distribute
        A new ImportEntryBuilder instance with typeOfData and jsonData values set
      • setProperty

        public ImportEntryBuilder setProperty​(String propertyName,
                                              Object propertyValue)
        This method let initialize any ImportEntry property using its property name. Note that if propertyName does not exist for ImportEntry, create() will throw an OBException. Also, if propertyValue cannot be assigned to the property, a ValidationException will be thrown.
        propertyName - the name of the property
        propertyValue - the value of the property
        The ImportEntryBuilder instance to chain another method
      • setNotifyManager

        public ImportEntryBuilder setNotifyManager​(boolean notifyManager)
        Set this flag to true to notify the ImportEntryManager there is a new ImportEntry to process
        notifyManager - whether ImportEntryManager.notifyNewImportEntryCreated() will be called after ImportEntry creation
        The ImportEntryBuilder instance to chain another method
      • setIsNonBlocking

        public ImportEntryBuilder setIsNonBlocking​(boolean isNonBlocking)
        Set this flag to true to mark the ImportEntry as a nonBlocking one
        isNonBlocking - whether the ImportEntry is or not NonBlocking
        The ImportEntryBuilder instance to chain another method
      • create

        public ImportEntry create()
        Creates a ImportEntry instance, checks that this instance is not already created or archived and then saves it. If setNotifyManager(true) is called, the transaction is commited, the connection closed and the ImportEntryManager will be notified of the change.
        ImportEntryAlreadyExistsException - when import entry already exists either in c_import_entry or c_import_entry_archive tables
        OBException - when data provided is not valid. This could be caused because: Client/Organization does not match, role is not part of client or attempting to insert a non-existing custom property