Class PgFullTextSearchFunction

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    PgFullTextSearchFunction.Filter, PgFullTextSearchFunction.Rank

    public abstract class PgFullTextSearchFunction
    extends Object
    implements org.hibernate.dialect.function.SQLFunction
    HQL functions to support Full Text Search in PostgreSQL. See each class for more specific documentation
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      • PgFullTextSearchFunction

        public PgFullTextSearchFunction()
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      • hasArguments

        public boolean hasArguments()
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        hasArguments in interface org.hibernate.dialect.function.SQLFunction
      • hasParenthesesIfNoArguments

        public boolean hasParenthesesIfNoArguments()
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        hasParenthesesIfNoArguments in interface org.hibernate.dialect.function.SQLFunction
      • render

        public String render​(org.hibernate.type.Type type,
                             List args,
                             org.hibernate.engine.spi.SessionFactoryImplementor factory)
        Function that parses the HQL function to SQL language:
        Specified by:
        render in interface org.hibernate.dialect.function.SQLFunction
        args - list of arguments passed to fullTextSearchFilter hbm function
        • table
        • field: tsvector column of table
        • ftsconfiguration [optional]: language to pass to to_tsquery function
        • value: string to be searched/compared
        hql string to append to an hql query in order to filter/obtain the rank. See examples for each class in each class' doc