Class OBViewGridComponent

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    public class OBViewGridComponent
    extends BaseTemplateComponent
    The backing bean for generating the OBViewGrid client-side representation.
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      • OBViewGridComponent

        public OBViewGridComponent()
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      • getTab

        public Tab getTab()
      • setTab

        public void setTab​(Tab tab)
      • getWhereClauseSQL

        public String getWhereClauseSQL()
      • getOrderByClause

        public String getOrderByClause()
      • getOrderByClauseSQL

        public String getOrderByClauseSQL()
      • getSortField

        public String getSortField()
      • isHasFilterClause

        public boolean isHasFilterClause()
      • getFilterClauseSQL

        public String getFilterClauseSQL()
      • getFilterName

        public String getFilterName()
      • getUiPattern

        public String getUiPattern()
      • isApplyTransactionalFilter

        public boolean isApplyTransactionalFilter()
      • setApplyTransactionalFilter

        public void setApplyTransactionalFilter​(boolean applyTransactionalFilter)
      • setViewTab

        public void setViewTab​(OBViewTab viewTab)
      • getRequiredGridProperties

        public List<String> getRequiredGridProperties()
        Returns the string representation of an array that contains all the properties that must always be returned from the datasource when the grid asks for data: - id - client and organization - all the properties that compose the identifier of the entity - all button fields with label values - the link to parent properties - all the properties that are part of the display logic of the tab buttons
      • getLazyFiltering

        public boolean getLazyFiltering()
        Returns true if the grid should filter and sort lazily. In that case, the changes done by the user to filter editor and to the grid sorting will not by applied until the user clicks on an 'Apply changes' button
      • getAllowSummaryFunctions

        public boolean getAllowSummaryFunctions()
        Returns true if the grid allows adding summary functions. If the tab is based on an HQL table or Datasource table, this method is returning false because grid summaries are not allowed for these kind of tables.
      • getAlwaysFilterFksByIdentifier

        public boolean getAlwaysFilterFksByIdentifier()
      • getTableAlias

        public String getTableAlias()