Interface FICExtension

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    public interface FICExtension
    Classes implementing this interface are injected in the FormInitializationComponent class. Using this interface it is possible to customize the return object of that class or to perform some custom validations.
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        void execute​(String mode,
                     Tab tab,
                     Map<String,​org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONObject> columnValues,
                     BaseOBObject row,
                     List<String> changeEventCols,
                     List<org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONObject> calloutMessages,
                     List<org.codehaus.jettison.json.JSONObject> attachments,
                     List<String> jsExcuteCode,
                     Map<String,​Object> hiddenInputs,
                     int noteCount,
                     List<String> overwrittenAuxiliaryInputs)
        This method is executed in the execute method just before the response JSONObject is built. It receives all the instances of the objects used to build the response.
        mode - The execution mode.
        tab - The Tab owner of the Form that it is being executed.
        columnValues - Map with the values of forms columns.
        row - The BaseOBObject that it is being edited in the form.
        changeEventCols - The List of dynamic columns that fire the CHANGE event mode.
        calloutMessages - The list of messages returned by the callouts that have been executed.
        attachments - A empty list where can be populated the attachments related to the record that it is being edited. By default these attachments are loaded when the section is opened and not by the FIC response.
        jsExcuteCode - The list of JavaScrip code returned by the callouts to be executed in the client.
        hiddenInputs - The Map with all the hidden fields with their values.
        noteCount - count of notes available on the record that it is being edited.
        overwrittenAuxiliaryInputs - The list of the Auxiliary Inputs that have been overriden by callouts.